Aggressive assault loadouts for Modern Warfare 2

Here are some amazing assault and aggressive loadouts you can take with you. These loadouts have been tested and they are mostly used for close to mid range combat. They are arranged in preferred order. The slimline pro is the most preferred optic because it gives a clear view of the enemy while still giving the player a very good peripheral view especially in closely packed spaces in Ashika Island.

Thanks to HassanCortex for sharing these loadouts with the community.

Gaming Squads

The Chimera with 45 rounds mag can take out 3 enemies

The STB – accurate with good damage (close to mid range)

Lachmann Sub has good TTK in close combat

PDSW fairly accurate – needs some getting used to

Now that you are ready to prove your skills, ask the community if you need to drop in with a squad..!

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