Weekend Customs better than ever

We are a completely amazing community, built on a strong foundation. We treat each other with respect regardless of age, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, nationality and background.
There is one rule and only one rule.
“Have fun and stay jiggy”

Incredible playlists are available on the weekends. Bring your own squad modes will make you have to earn your rep.

Gaming Squads

Playlist available on Weekends

  1. Multiplayer Customs – Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint.
  2. Warzone Customs – Resurgence + Mini Royale (Trios)
  3. Warzone Customs – Blood Money Trios – cash drop guaranteed for every kill – Landing zone – Storage Town, Boneyard.

Multiplayer Modes

  1. Game modes to be played – Free-for-all, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed.
  2. Map rotations – Shipment, Rust, Speedball, King, Scrapyard, Stack, Cargo, Docks, Atrium.
  3. Map rotations (more than 7 players per side) – Crash, Talsik Backlot, Hackney Yard, Shoot house, Rammaza, Petrov Oil Rig, Azhir cave.
Gaming Squads and The King Sharks Weekend Customs Games

Warzone – Engagement Rules

  1. No cussing/cursing. Be respectful to other plays irrespective of age, gender, skill level.
  2. Making friends in Verdansk is not allowed. Engage any squads as hostiles. If you suspect you are being hunted by two friendly enemy squads, report them.
  3. Game hacking, cheating, aimbots, wallhacks are not allowed. If you suspect a cheating player, report to the group immediately. Any player who gets up to 3 reports of cheating with as little as 1 verifiable evidence, will be suspended indefinitely.
  4. In Mini Royale, if your squad is wiped, please do not leave, be kind to spectate until the game is finished. It won’t be a long wait.
  5. In Plunder, go for top earners, money drops or the winning (king) team once they are marked on the maps. The more the kills, the more the fun.

Now that you are ready to prove your skills, you will need to go touch some grass after tough game rounds..!

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